Authors’ Guidelines

1. Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration in the TNJC should not be longer than 9000 words.

2. Each manuscript must have a well-written abstract of not more than 200 words. The author should identify five key words from the manuscript immediately below the Abstract. Please, note than an Abstract is a synopsis of the entire paper. It should sell the paper to the reader and indicate what the paper/theme is all about (Introduction), how you went about doing the paper (method), what you found out (results), and the implications /recommendations of your finding. The Abstract should be about 200 words or less, and formatted with Times New Roman (for the font type) and 11 points for the font size. The abstract should be written in single line spacing.

3. The manuscript title, author(s)’ name(s) and institutional (University/Department) address and contact details should be identified on the Abstract page only. These contact details should not appear in any other part of the paper. This is to help maintain the blind peer review policy of the Journal.

4. Author(s) Surname should be written in Capital letters first and separated by a comma. Other names could then follow. Example: EKEANYANWU, Nnamdi T. (Ph.D.).

5. The body text (font type) of the entire paper should be in Times New Roman, 1.5 lines spacing, and the font size should be 12. Page alignment should be “Justified” while the paragraphing style should be indented with one tab in 0.5inches (Please, no block paragraphing).

6. Authors must conform to the British English spelling.

7. Papers or manuscripts should be sent in Microsoft Word Document and referencing should follow either the APA style, 5th Edition only. The style sheet selected should be used in both in-text referencing and on the Reference page. Furthermore, manuscripts should be rich in literature and references. Efforts should be made to avoid dated references. Except in unusual circumstances, references and literature citations should NOT be below the year 2000.

8. All the contents of any table or figure should be mainly referred to and in most cases only the trends emerging from such tables are discussed. Please, avoid table reading. Table reading is an unacceptable way of reading out every item in a table with the pretence one is analysing the table.

9. Author(s) shall be responsible for securing any copyright waivers and permissions as may be needed to allow the use of copyrighted materials in their work.

10. Manuscripts submitted to the TNJC shall be subjected to plagiarism check and only those that meet the acceptable threshold shall be published.

11. Author(s) who submit manuscripts to TNJC will be expected to pay N3000 for Paper Assessment and N10,000 Page Fees, if the paper is accepted for publication.

12. Manuscript should be submitted online, or via email:

13. All or most papers should follow this format:
A. Introduction or Background: All articles should have this section. This section introduces the paper and defines the direction of your work.
B. Literature Review or Body of the Paper: This section is free format and can be organized to suit Author’s research. Please be free to change the caption and add more sections, but ensure that the font format is Times New Roman, 12 point size, and the line spacing is single spacing.
C. Method: This section should discuss the method used in gathering data, literature etc used in the paper. The methodology section should include details of method(s) used, sampling techniques, instrument(s) used in data gathering and measurement etc.
D. Results: This section should focus on the outcome of the paper/results as well as the implications of the findings.
E. Discussion: This section should focus on the implications of the findings and interrogated with literature, theory and the objectives/research questions the paper sought to investigate.
F. Conclusion/Recommendation: This section concludes your research and is compulsory for all articles. It should be able to make recommendations that emanate from the study/paper.